How to Conserve Electricity

How To Reduce Electricity Consumption

5 Easy Ways to Conserve Electricity Costs!

Alternative Power Sources

image of simple ways to conserve powerIn the last few decades words and phrases like “carbon footprint,” “global warming,” and “renewable energy sources” have become increasingly more common across the world.  With an ever increasing  population consuming more and more resources, we are impacting the planet in a huge way.  That’s why learning about ways to conserve energy is so important.

More and more, environmental concerns are coming to the forefront of awareness and for good reason. Typical energy sources known as “fossil fuels” like coal, oil and other earth resources cannot be renewed yet they are the main sources for generating electricity. But what other ways can electricity be generated that are better for the environment and better for the planet?

Solar Energy

way to conserve Energy- solar panelsSolar energy is the usage of panels that absorb light from the sun that can then be converted into electricity. Sunlight is abundant and is fairly easy to use as an energy source. In some cases it allows people to live completely “off-the-grid” as well, which for many is a selling point.

The usage of solar power also helps the environment in that it lessens the amount of carbon dioxide being generated and released back into the earth’s atmosphere. When you hear the phrase “carbon footprint” what’s being referred to is just that—the amount of carbon dioxide being generated as a result of burning fossil fuels for energy.

The unfortunate thing about solar energy is that it is not an inexpensive system for the average person. In fact, it is one of the most costly in terms of the cost to get it set up. For this reason, it isn’t accessible to the majority of people.

Alternatives to Solar Power

Fortunately, there are other non-fossil-fuel solar alternatives.  These include:

Hydroelectric energy

pic of ways to save energy- Hydropower EnergyHydroelectric energy is the use of water to generate electricity. Large facilities built at the sites of large bodies of water, like Niagara Falls, use the energy generated by the massive flow of water to generate electrical power.

Niagara Falls alone produces 2.4 million kilowatts in electrical energy per year! The Hoover Dam is another example and the power plant there produces 4 billion kilowatt-hours of energy per year!

Because this electricity is generated by harnessing a natural resource—water—it is not only renewable and environmentally friendly, it also doesn’t require the purchase of coal or oil to burn and thus helps keep electric bill costs down for consumers.

Wind Power

Pic of Wind Power- another way to save electricityWind power is the use of wind to generate electricity using windmills and other facilities. Wind has been used to generate power for thousands of years—all the way back to Persia in 500 AD!

This source of energy is used around the globe and between all the facilities that currently exist which do not burn fossil fuels, but use wind-powered machines to generate electricity, over 16 billion kilo-watt hours of energy are produced every year.

That amount of electricity is enough to power 5 cities the size of Miami, Florida all at the same time!

And again, wind being a renewable source that doesn’t require fossil fuels to be purchased and burned for electricity keeps costs down for the consumer as well as being a responsible resource for the environment.

Geothermal Energy

image of how to save electricity- Geothermal EnergyGeothermal energy is the use of heat from the earth to generate electricity. This system is a bit trickier as it requires very specific characteristics of the location in which it is being used. Not every location generates enough heat to actually allow for geothermal energy. But in those locations where it is able to be used, it is a much better alternative to traditional fossil-fuel systems.

More Ways to Conserve Energy

image on how to reduce electricity useUnfortunately, in most areas there aren’t a ton of options in terms of which company you can choose to have your home powered by. This leaves the average person in a bit of a bind. But what if you still want to conserve energy and be conscious of the environment? What can you do?

If you cannot afford to outfit your home with solar panels in the name of the environment, the best method is to conserve energy. This includes using less—only running the dishwasher when it’s full, doing your laundry on energy-efficient settings and only with full loads, etc.

There are energy efficient devices that you can install in your home as well which can assist you in using electricity more efficiently and thus wasting less electricity! Less waste is more conservation!

These electricity saving devices, called Power Saver 1200’s, work to make your property’s appliances use electricity more efficiently, recycling energy from inefficient devices back into your home and conserving the electricity you draw from the utility in the process.

Those who have had a device installed in their home/business have seen savings up to 25% on electric bills because they are actually using less electricity and improving how their home uses electricity. These devices are very inexpensive (one residential unit costs less than $150) and work for 25 years to improve energy efficiency and save you money in the process.


img-how to save money on bills- more ways to conserve energyIf you are lucky enough to live in an area powered by wind, solar, hydroelectric or geothermal energy—you are part of the more responsible approach to power generation. If your utility isn’t on one of those systems and you want to be able to contribute more, energy conservation through less usage and less waste is the way to go.

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