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How to Conserve Energy at Home Easily & Affordably…

Save Electricity at HomeAre you trying to save money? Learning How to Save Electricity can give you an edge up on saving.  Have you been budgeting and spending wisely, but still not meeting your savings goals? Maybe you’re trying to get a new car, or saving for the down payment on your dream home, or maybe for that European vacation you’ve been dying to take for years.

Most everyone who works and has bills to pay has something they want to save up for. If you’re looking for a way to reduce your electric bill and capitalize on the savings, read on!

Electric Bills Skyrocketing in the United States

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has reported that the cost of electricity in the United States has been on a steady rise. In the last 10 years alone, the cost of a kilowatt-hour in the U.S. has gone from 6.75 cents to 11.01 cents, an increase of 63%! And, a recent study predicted those costs could rise another 45% in the next 10 years alone!

A major part of cutting your electric bills does lie in usage. Obviously if you use less, you will pay less. But how can you really control how much electricity you’re using?

Conserve Electricity Usage

Over tReducing Energy Billshe last many years there have been more and more technological advances which make it possible to reduce electricity usage.

Environmental awareness is rising and Americans are concerned with energy-efficiency, lessening waste and sustaining the planet’s natural resources. This awareness is great because it’s one of the first steps to taking action and doing something to save electricity.

It’s not hard to understand why Americans are concerned with energy consumption. Per recent statistics, to produce just one kilowatt-hour takes:

• 1.09 pounds of coal
• 1,000 cubic feet of natural gas
• 0.08 gallons of petroleum

These are the non-renewable energy sources (fossil fuels) that are burned by power plants to generate the electricity we all use in our homes. So saving money on your electric bill comes with an even better reward: doing something good for the planet.

How To Save On Electricity Bill

How to Save ElectricityBy now, everyone more or less knows the basics of lessening electricity usage. “Close the door, we’re not trying to cool off the whole neighborhood!” is a phrase you have either heard or said at least once in your life, I’m sure!

It goes right in the same file as, “You should take a picture, it lasts longer!” when someone stands with the refrigerator door open too long and, “We don’t need to turn on every light in the house!”

It’s true, those simple rules and quips have something to do with energy consumption and reducing your electric bills. But what can you do about an inefficient pool pump that turns on throughout the day to keep the water in your pool filtered and properly chlorinated? Or an old, energy-hog of a central air conditioning unit that you can’t afford to upgrade right now? Can you do anything to make the motors in these appliances run more effectively and not waste electricity without going through major home renovations and upgrades?

The answer is yes!

Increase the Efficiency of Your Home with Energy Efficient Products

An inexpensive and easy solution to correcting these energy-inefficient appliances is what’s known as the Power Saver 1200 device.  The theory of why it works is pretty complicated and based on mathematical and engineering basics, but simply put: it recycles and reuses what would otherwise be wasted electricity from inefficient motors in the appliances in your home (like a pool pump, central air-conditioning unit, washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc.)

When electricity runs from the utility’s wires into your home, the electric company’s meter measures it. The read-out on the meter determines your bill. That’s fair, right? Sure, but what about the wasted electricity (also referred to as “line-loss”) that happens on the wires between the main panel in your home and these energy-guzzling appliances? Electricity moving through a wire produces a certain amount of heat. Inefficient motors cause spikes of electricity, meaning more heat. This heat is essentially lost electricity. It isn’t actually being used, though it’s running through those wires and being billed to you!

Installing this device lessens the amount of heat and the amount of wasted electricity. The result is a more even flow of electricity and the ability to save up wasted electricity so it can be used later. This results in two things for you: a) lessened consumption and b) savings on your electric bill!

The average savings for someone who has installed the Power Saver 1200 is anywhere from 10% all the way to 25%! The variations in electrical wiring, what types of motors are being run and the existing loss needing correction are all factors which affect overall savings. Before installation, a professional would help you assess your exact needs so as to get you the most savings on your bill.


How To Save Electricity At HomeUsing electricity more efficiently and saving money in the process can be done.

With the tips and tricks you already know and use as well as using the power saver 1200 device you may not have known about, you can live a “greener” and more resourceful life and save a bunch of money in the process! Want Even More Ways to Save? Visit This Page.

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