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 Demonstration Kits

Power Factor Correction Demonstration Kit picture

-Be able to demonstrate to potential customers what your product does
before their very eyes!-Comes with a case for easy transport and a professional look.

-Demo Kit Weighs 25lbs, dimensions 18″ x 12″

Price: $557.00



Bulk Orders: Residential Unit (Single Phase)

Power Saver 1200- Singe Phase PFC Equipment

Dimensions: 6x6x4

5-9 Power Savers $85 each
5-9 units w/ Free UPS Ground S/H

5-9 units w/ Priority S/H

10-19 Power Savers $75 each
10-19 units w/ Free UPS Ground S/H

10-19 units w/ Priority S/H

20+ Power Savers $65 each
20+ units w/ Free UPS Ground S/H

20+ units w/ Priority S/H



Bulk Orders: Commercial Units (3 Phase)

Power Factor Correction Three Phase Capacitor Bank Picture

Dimensions: 10x10x6

$250 for 3200 Model

Discount Bulk Pricing Options w/in USA (outside USA-email us)

$300 for 3400 Model

Shipping Options


Dealer Starter Package

Includes 10 Single Phase Units (Choose from Models 1050, 1100, or 1200) & 1 Demonstration Kit
-Be able to demonstrate to potential customers what your product does before their very eyes!
-Easily fits into a rolling suitcase so you don’t have to carry it!
-Demo Kit Weighs 28lbs, dimensions 18″ x 12″
-Have 10 units on hand so you can close deals and install as quickly as possible

Price: $1,247.00

$ Save $ when you purchase this package!